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5 Times You’ll Be Glad You Have Boat Insurance

Boating is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but it’s important to remember that boats can also be very expensive. That’s why boat insurance is vital for any boat owner. Boat insurance can protect you financially if your boat is damaged or stolen and can also provide liability coverage if you accidentally injure someone while operating your boat. S & S Insurance Services Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK can offer expert insurance advice.

Here are five times that you’ll be glad you have boat insurance:

1. When You Are in a Boating Accident

No one wants to think about being in a boating accident, but it’s important to be prepared for the worst. If you don’t have boat insurance and are involved in an accident, you could be responsible for paying for all the damages out of your pocket. This could cost you thousands of dollars, so it’s important to ensure you’re properly protected.

2. When Your Boat Is Damaged in a Storm

Bad weather is often unpredictable. If your boat is damaged in a storm, you could be left with a hefty repair bill. Boat insurance can help pay for the repairs if your boat is damaged in a storm, so you won’t have to worry about the financial burden.

3. When Your Boat Is Stolen

Unfortunately, boat theft is a real problem. If your boat is stolen, you could be left facing a very expensive replacement cost. Boat insurance can help pay for a new boat if yours is stolen, so you won’t have to worry about the financial burden.

4. When You Damage Someone Else’s Property

Accidents can still happen even if you’re a safe and experienced boater. If you accidentally damage someone else’s property while operating your boat, you could be held liable for the damages. But if you have boat insurance, your insurer will typically cover the cost of the damages up to your policy limit. This can help protect your finances in the event of an accident.

5. In Case of a Boat Fire

No one ever wants to think about their boat catching on fire, but it’s important to be prepared for the worst. If your boat is destroyed in a fire, you could be left with a significant financial loss. Boat insurance can help reimburse you for the value of your boat so you can replace it without worrying about the cost.

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Boat insurance is a vital piece of protection for any boat owner. If you don’t have boat insurance, you could be left facing a huge financial burden if your boat is damaged or stolen. If you are looking for boat insurance, S & S Insurance Services Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK can help. We offer a wide range of boat insurance policies to fit your needs, so you can rest assured knowing you’re properly protected. Contact us today to get started.

Instances When Boat Insurance Won’t Cover You

If you purchase a boat insurance policy from S & S Insurance Services Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK, it covers your boat against damage and protects you from liabilities and other risks. However, you need to know that your boat doesn’t cover you against all risks you encounter during your boat ownership.

Here are some common boat insurance exclusions:

Wear and tear

Like your standard auto insurance, boat insurance doesn’t cover the normal wear and tear of your boat. Because your boat will eventually wear down, this isn’t considered a risk by insurers. The good news is that proper maintenance of your boat may slow down the degradation of your vessel.

Mold and pest infestation

If your boat is destroyed by mold or pests, don’t file a claim with your insurance because it’s likely to be ignored. Your insurer expects you to maintain your boat properly to keep mold and pests away from your asset. Consider extermination services to eradicate pests. Also, keeping your boat dry can eliminate mold infestation.

Marine life

Most boat insurance policies don’t cover damage by marine life, including sharks, whales, and octopi. If you like boating in waters infested with unruly creatures, you need to ask your insurer for an add-on.

Faulty equipment

Standard boat insurance doesn’t cover failing parts or those due for replacement. However, if the parts are damaged in an accident or by a risk stated in your policy, your boat insurance should compensate you for the loss.


Your boat insurance is unlikely to cover custom equipment unless it’s stated in your policy. For instance, safety jackets, GPS navigation, and boat modifications are unlikely to be covered by your boat insurance.

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Protect your boat with a comprehensive policy

S & S Insurance Services Inc. is here for all the boat owners in the greater Oklahoma City, OK area. If you want to make sure that your vessel has the protection it needs, give us a call today! We have boat policy options that provide the coverage you need.

Benefits of comprehensive boat insurance policies

  • Liability coverage – if you are ever involved in an accident that causes damage or injuries, you’ll want to have adequate liability coverage. Without this protection, you may be personally and financially responsible for any losses or damages.
  • Protection in and out of the water – your boat may not always be in the water. You may store it at your home or at another dry dock location, or you may keep it out of the water during the winter months. Be sure your boat is covered, no matter where it may be located.
  • Added features – if you want to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected, a comprehensive policy is worth looking into. They can provide added features and benefits such as coverage for towing services. This coverage will come in handy if you are ever stuck out on the water!

Is now the time for you to upgrade your boat policy? It always makes sense to review your options when deciding which policy is right for your needs and situations. Find out more about the many benefits of a comprehensive boat insurance policy today. You’ll be glad you did!

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Important Boat Insurance Facts

S & S Insurance Services Inc. serves the Oklahoma City, OK community. We are an independent insurance agency. We strive to make sure that our clients are protected in any situation. We sit down with our clients to assess their needs. We have working relationships with multiple carriers throughout Oklahoma. This allows us to offer flexible policies.

Important Boat Insurance Facts

During the summer in Oklahoma City, OK, many residents enjoy their boats on the water and having fun. Operating a watercraft is more dangerous than you realize. Consider the benefits of boat insurance. Boat insurance covers you if you are involved in an accident while at sea. Liability coverage protects you if you are held responsible for any damages that occur. You are also covered if a passenger on your boat is injured. Boat insurance also covers you if the watercraft is vandalized or damaged due to inclement weather. Here are some other boat insurance facts to consider while searching for coverage.

Navigational Limits

Your boat insurance policy will include navigational limits. Navigational limits outline the area where you can operate your boat and still maintain coverage. If you operate your boat outside the navigational limits, you may not be protected if your boat suffers damages.

Extra Coverage

You can amend your policy to add extra coverage. This protects your boat in unique situations. If you’re having engine troubles, you can receive urgent assistance. Perhaps you plan to customize your boat or add an anchor. You can add another layer of protection to cover you if those items are damaged.

S & S Insurance Services Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Maintaining boat insurance is part of being a responsible boat owner. While it isn’t required by law in Oklahoma City, Ok, it’s strongly recommended all boaters have insurance. S & S Insurance Services, Inc. provides boat insurance policies so you can enjoy carefree days on the water. 

Liability And Medical Payments Boat Insurance

Boat insurance covers motorized boats, sailboats, and personal watercraft. Liability insurance will cover the expenses if you damage another person’s property or another party is injured in an accident. It can also cover wreck removal if your boat sinks. This includes structures like boat docks and other boats. Medical coverage will cover the expenses if someone on your boat is injured. 

Property Coverage

Property coverage isn’t just for the water. It also protects your boat when it’s on land. It can be tempting to cancel or pause your coverage during the offseason, but if your boat is damaged in storage, a boat policy will cover the damages. Besides the boat itself, special equipment and accessories are usually covered.  

There are three ways to value your boat. The actual cash value is the current value of your boat. This takes depreciation into consideration. Replacement coverage is the amount it would cost to replace your boat with a similar model. Agreed upon value means you and the insurer agree on a value for the boat. 

Other Coverage Types

Uninsured watercraft coverage will pay for damages to your vessel if the person at fault in the accident doesn’t have insurance. Mechanical failure coverage provides coverage for mechanical failures. It can pay for repairs and towing your boat if it breaks down. 

If you own a boat or a personal watercraft, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage. Protect your investment and your finances by contacting S & S Insurance Services, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Ok. 


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