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How to Protect Your Boat From the Weather: 3 Easy Ways

Here in Oklahoma City, OK, we know just how treacherous the weather can be. But while we’re used to prepping our houses to take on the elements, many boat owners need to realize that their boats are just as vulnerable to the elements as their homes. As avid boaters ourselves, S & S Insurance Services Inc. is here to help you protect your vessel year-round.

3 Tips to Protect Your Boat 

Use A Boat Cover

One of the most important reasons to use a boat cover is to protect your investment. A boat left without a cover, while not in use, will lose value very rapidly. Not only will the rain damage a boat’s interior, but leaving it without a cover exposes it to the sun’s harmful rays. Boat covers are also designed to help protect from falling sticks, animals, snow, and other dangers.

Wax Regularly

Waxing your boat regularly is essential for maintaining the gel coat finish’s color, shine, and integrity. Marine waxes are durable and stand up to salt water, algae, and the sun. Boat wax also makes regular cleaning more manageable and can make it harder for grime to stick to waxed surfaces. Waxing your boat at least twice a year is essential for preventing fading, chalking, or hazing from constant sun exposure.

Winterize The Engine

If you don’t winterize your boat’s engine, the water in it will freeze and expand. This can cause cracks in the engine or the fittings. Additionally, the fuel system can break down, and the battery may not work correctly. The cost of not winterizing your boat far outweighs the cost of making it a priority.

Get Boat Insurance Today

If you’re looking for quality boat insurance in the greater Oklahoma City, OK community, look no further than S & S Insurance Services Inc. We’re a quality provider of boat insurance in the state and are here to help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.


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