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Oklahoma Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance in Oklahoma

An umbrella policy can give you an additional layer of liability coverage, so you have peace of mind.

Should You Get Umbrella Insurance in Oklahoma?

An umbrella policy isn’t required in Oklahoma, and if you already have home and auto insurance, you may think that you don’t need additional coverage. Life can be uncertain, and it only takes one serious accident and lawsuit to put all your assets at risk. While your home and auto insurance is going to be your first line of defense in an accident, if you reach the limits, then your umbrella policy can step in and cover the rest, along with the cost to defend you in the lawsuit.

If you have a motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, golf cart, ATV, or motor home, then your umbrella policy may even give you additional liability coverage on top of these policies as well. A single umbrella policy will also cover members in your household. You can find policies between one and five million dollars. It would be best if you considered your net worth when you are choosing a policy since you can be sued for everything you have, including your future assets. An agent at S & S Insurance Services, Inc. can help you determine how much umbrella coverage is right for you.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover in Oklahoma?

When getting umbrella coverage in Oklahoma, it’s important to note that it’s not a standalone policy, and it will only provide coverage once existing policies in place are maxed out. However, umbrella policies can provide additional coverage for things not covered under standard policies, such as libel and slander. For example, if you get into an auto accident and there are $1 million in damages. Still, your liability auto insurance policy only covers $500,000. Then you would be on the hook for the remaining $500,000. If you have umbrella insurance, this kicks in, and you won’t have to pay out of pocket.

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